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The Mysterious deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists Author : Anonymous
The Mysterious deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists
By Anonymous
June 2009, man goes missing, body found after 5 days in a forest by a river
February 2010, person found dead at home, police try ruling out the murder as a suicide 
April 2011, dead body found, investigators call it a suicide, family disagrees, suspects murder
October 2013, two dead bodies found on railway tracks, poisoned before being positioned there

These murders which made momentary flashes in the media and later drowned into oblivion have an inherent connection. The victims were all nuclear scientists. And each of these incidents was attempted to be covered up as suicides. 

The aforementioned fatalities include Mr K.K. Josh and Mr Abhish Shivam, who were working on the construction of a nuclear energy fueled Indian submarine Arihant, Mr M Iyer, an engineer at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mrs Uma Rao, a former scientist at BARC, and L Mahalingam, another nuclear scientist.   

Nuclear facilities have always been associated with caution and confidentiality because of the highly sensitive nature of nuclear secrets, which if disclosed to any hostile organization, could prove lethal to security and integrity of the nation as well as its international relations. Consequently, the deaths of these scientists, whose minds have been integral to the success of several essential nuclear programs, seem all the more suspicious.

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is majorly responsible for safeguarding India’s civil nuclear installations, has been reported to be “understaffed and underpaid” and in need of more resources. This stamps an ominous question mark on the government’s efforts in protecting the lives of nuclear scientists, and a doubt if it really cares about the nuclear programs beyond the installations and equipments.

The Government of India records have documented nine unnatural deaths of scientists and engineers at BARC, as well as the Kaiga nuclear facility, over just three years. Evidently, scientists working at BARC have been found to be especially prone to such unexplained killings. In addition, the conspicuous lack of finger prints and other utilizable clues or evidences in the vicinity of crimes indicate the hand of highly experienced professionals behind the murders making the proceedings murkier. Needless to say, none of the masterminds behind the murders have been identified and the cases still remain unsolved.

Also, the unexplained cases are not dealt with any further, by competent detectives or investigators and the episodes end in a cliffhanger, throwing a light on the incapability of police and the negligence of government. What’s more shocking is the media turning a blind eye to the multiple casualties and not bringing the news to the spotlight as would be expected of it.The lack of seriousness shown in this grave situation to prevent such untoward incidents in future makes the common man question the competence of national security and makes it obligatory to bring such ignored concerns to attention and take immediate corrective actions.

Do you think that the evidences are authentic?

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