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Hong Kong: Deadlocked and the things to come Author : Austin Li
Hong Kong: Deadlocked and the things to come
By Austin Li
Note: I've written about the Umbrella Revolution quite a bit. If you would like to know more about what happened before this time, please read my other answers here:

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As the two month mark since the beginning of the protest approaches, without a foreseeable end in sight, we must ask ourselves to evaluate the situation.
The cynics and pro-Beijing loyalists will probably now say the whole thing has been for naught. And to their credit, nothing solid has been done in these eight weeks to solve the underlying issues. Proposals from both sides have failed to garner any significant approval from the other side. Discussions between the government and student representatives have fully collapsed without foreseeable recourse. What remains is a deadlock without any solution in the short term. Winter is coming, and for all the integrity the protesters have shown, sleeping in a warm bed brings comforts that no makeshift tent can ever replace. This protest is at a critical point where everything done so far may fade in a whimper for the protesters.

Maybe it was the HK government's plan all along to stall as much as possible and hope public pressure will force the students to disband. While this may be the case, and that the protest may very well fade in a whimper, the underlying socio-economical problems that triggered the protest are far too deep to be left alone. Winning the battle now, sending the protesters back home and back to school, will not be enough to stem the tide of future similar protests that may very well be larger and more violent in nature.

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 19th, 2014, Hong Kong had a taste of what may happen if no change comes by. Some protesters attempted to break into the Hong Kong Legislative Council Offices. Concrete slabs, metal fences, and other heavy objects were used to break a glass on the side entrance, and some rumors report protesters entering the building shortly before being cleared by police.

Hong Kong needs new political leadership. Faith in the leadership of CY Leung is poor on all sides of the political scale as anti-protesters see the failure of CY Leung to defuse tensions, whilst protesters see the failure of listening.  External third parties and special interests, mostly big businesses, have been allowed too much access into the political realm through functional constituencies and corporate voting. Serious issues such as the rising GINI coefficient, anti-trust legislature, poor social welfare, all need to be addressed.

A government, if not of the people, by the people, surely should be for the people. And in that light, the Hong Kong government have served the tycoons too long and have forgotten the people. This is a warning shot fired from the protesters. It would truly be a tragedy if the government allows the underlying problems to unravel and tempt the wrath of its people.

Hong Kong, consider yourself warned.

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