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About Muted News

Muted News, in short, is a news platform which is for the people, of the people and more importantly, by the people.

We are here to reveal all those unshared and concealed stories that never saw the light of the day owing to the bias of the regular mainstream news outlets.

Hence, the name, Muted News.

The media today, strives more on being eye-catching rather than being eye-opening. And Muted News gives you a podium to reverse this untruthful practice and bring the unattended issues to spotlight.

Unlike other news sources where you get an objective bird’s eye view of the event, here you will get a genuine glimpse of the incident in a subjective fashion directly from the horse’s mouth. This is a forum which helps you bring to the public eye the inconvenience and injustice oblivious to the society in general, and unites different people across the world facing the same concern.

Here, your news submission will not be judged or graded by any editor but by the general public itself, hence any evidence in any form (photo, video, links, files etc.) provided along with the information, would increase the authenticity of your entry. Also, you are provided the option of anonymity in order to safeguard your privacy and to protect you against the repercussions of the information that you disclose.

Let's together unmute the muted news and make this world a more informed place!

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