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Voices from around the world
The Great Power struggle in the Indian Ocean
By Shubham Bansal
Hong Kong: Deadlocked and the things to come
By Austin Li
Obama and India : A Critical Analysis
By Vishal Kale
The Mysterious deaths of Indian Nuclear Scientists
By Anonymous
Narendra Modi : The Internationally Acclaimed Prime Minister Of India
By Vishal Kale
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Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is Muted News?
Muted News is a crowdsourced news platform where people can reveal all the unshared and concealed stories that never saw the light of the day owing to the bias of the regular mainstream news outlets.
How is it different from other news sites?
Unlike other news sources where you get an objective bird’s eye view of the event, here you will get a genuine glimpse of the incident in a subjective fashion directly from the horse’s mouth. This platform helps you voice those unshared and unheard stories.
Who can write articles in Muted News?
Anyone can write any number of articles. You don't need to be a journalist to write here.
Is it mandatory to mention my name along with my article?
No, you can write articles either by your name or stay anonymous. You can even switch to/from anonymity after you publish the article
How can I attach evidences to support my article?
You can add evidences like images, videos, and links by clicking on the “Add Evidence” button while writing. Adding evidences will raise the ranking of your article.
Can I edit my article once it has been published?
Yes, you can always edit your article, switch to/from anonymity and even unpublish the article after it has been published.
I can’t write a complete article at once. What do I do?
Don’t worry, we got your back! Just login and start writing the articles. You can save them as drafts and resume writing whenever you want.
How do you handle libels or if a writer writes inaccuracies?
Our ranking algorithms take into account many variables that indicate an articles authenticity. They prioritize articles which provide authentic evidences. Always add compelling evidences to raise the ranking of your article.
Can I get in touch with the author of an article?
Yes, you can. However, this feature is still under development. If an article’s author chose not to be anonymous, you can visit the author’s profile and contact him.

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